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Woot Camp Awakening - I am an alumnus of  Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp and we are helping Victor support the camps.  A CD has been released.   Profits from sales will go towards supporting the camp and scholarships. 
Go to to learn details and to get one for your very own.  A clip for each song is at the site, including one of mine.

Victor Wooten - One of the most stunning musicians I've ever met.  He's a bass player's bass player.  I met him at his music/natue camp in the Fall of 2000.  Took many lessons, not only from Victor, but from his brother Reggie, Steve Bailey, Adam Nitti, Anthony Wellington and many others.   And I learned a ton about nature, and oh man, I could go on and on.  It was wonderful!    I have a site with my pictures of camp on it, but it doesn't reflect the big love that was there.  Advice to the wise-- never miss a show with Victor in it!   He tours with his family band and primarily plays with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.  You won't be disappointed.  Look at bass camp pictures, and learn all about the camp.   If you're a bass player, you should apply!  

I went to the reunion camp in October 2002 and it was equally amazing. I couldn't resist a picture here of me and Chuck Rainey.  Chuck is one of the most recorded bassists in history.  His discography is amazing - from Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Qunicy Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, Bette Midler, Ringo Starr, Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Jackson Browne, Sergio Mendes, Marvin Gaye, The Pointer Sisters, Smokey Robinson, Lena Horne, and Joe Cocker to name just a few.  I was in some of his classes, and we hung out a bit. What a treat to meet someone whose work I've loved forever!

Pete and Victor Wooten at the 2002 Reunion Camp

Pete and Chuck Rainey!!!!

Summer Songs - This is a songwriting camp, held annually in the Catskills of New York.  I went in the summer of 2002 and had a  wonderful, wonderful experience.  I'm headed back that way again this summer. Penny Nichols is the founder, that's how we met each other.  If you're interested in getting away to finely hone your songwriting skills, this is the place for you.  Most of the instructors are based in folk music, but it didn't make a difference.   Those of you who've heard my music know that I'm really a jazzy, blusey person.  They were totally supportive of where I am.   Not only that, I learned a ton and heard amazing songs written by amazing people.  Check it out!  
Wilderness survival camp:   From May 22-28, 2004, I attended wilderness survival class instructed by Victor Wooten and Richard Cleveland, who I met at Bass Camp.  It was so great - I enjoyed learning that body of knowledge that was common until the industrial revolution.   It's important to know, and I'm glad I have it.  Check out Richard's classes at  He's an excellent teacher and I highly recommend checking out his work. 
Hey Norton - I subbed for Ernie Kirch, their bass player, sometimes.  Check them out, it's so much fun!  Lots of swing, jump and blues, with Tom Erbland on Guitar, Charlie Hastings on Sax and Dave Olson on Drums. 

The Crow Valley Band - Led by the irrepressible Billy F. Otis, main vocalist and harp player.   It was a privilege to play with them. 

Blue Book Value -   Led by Karen Book, vocalist, its a girl focused blues band.   They play stuff like Sue Foley songs, and have an all 'round good time.  Players are Kim Wooten, Keys, Bruce Penniless, Guitar, Henry Weisiger, drums. I played with them for a few years.

Wayne Durgan - My ex-husband.  He's my favorite singer/guitar player.  No kidding.   Click on his name to a page about his CD.  Check out the sound clips.   He bought me my first bass, and always encouraged my music.   He's currently playing in a Beach Boy tribute band.  They sound just like the Beach Boys.  Check out for sound clips and the schedule.   We were married 25 years.  All is good -- still  friends.  25 years was a pretty good run I think!

Anthony Wellington - Southern Maryland's most popular bass player and teacher!   He teaches at Hot Licks Music in Waldorf, and if you want lessons, it's worth the drive.   He is also on the staff of Victor Wooten's bass camp.  He got an excellent mention in the June 2005 issue of Bass Player!!!  Congratulations!

National Guitar Workshop - I didn't start to play music until my mid-thirties.  I went to the National Guitar Workshop in Connecticut to take lessons, and everyone there was  so nice and encouraging.   I wrote my first song there.   It's one of the reasons why I've continued to play and learn and grow musically.  I love those guys!  If you play guitar, or bass or drums or keys or sing, it's a great place to get away and immerse yourself in music for a week or two.   Check out Dayjams for kids camp in the DC area. 

Drivin' Blind - A great local band with New Orleans flavor.  All good friends!

United Community Ministries - I volunteered there.   They help people in crisis, have a food bank, a thrift shop, an employment center. day care and many more services.   If you want to support an organization that gives 88% of all it's financial resources in direct services, look no further.  They REALLY do good -  and I've been  on their board of directors so I've seen the financial reports and statistics!   It's been my privilege to work with them. 

OK, well this is enough for today.  Thanks for all your love and support!